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can ride our bikes there and then we can take muni home and it even shows us how to take the bikes on the bus, so simple right here on my phone. >> neat. we can finish making travel plans over dinner, now let's go eat. >> how about about that organic vegan gluten free rest rft. >> can't we go to the food truck. >> do you want to walk or take a taxi. >> there is an alert right here telling us there is heavy traffic in soma. >> let's walk there and then take a taxi or muni back. >> that new website gives us a lot of options. >> it sure does and we can use it again next weekend when we go to see the giants. there is a new destination section on the website that shows us how to get to at&t park. >> there is a section, and account alerts and information on parking and all kinds of stuff, it is so easy to use that even you can use it. >> that is smart. >> are you giving me a compliment. >> i think that i am. >> wow, thanks. >> now you can buy dinner. sfmta.com. access useful information, any all right. thank you for coming thank you for coming and exercising is unveiling of our office. t
from guantanamo bay before he will sign the u.s. security packet. karzi's demands are prompting threats from the u.s. to withdraw all of its forces after 2014. >>> an overloaded sail boyt carrying people from haiti overturned in the bahamas. video released by the u.s. coast guard shows about 100 haitians clinging to a boat, believed to have capitalsized after it struck a reef in rough water. about 110 people have been rescued so far including 19 women. and those are the headlines of this hour. tony harris. more news. "inside story" is next. >> the u.s. plays hardball with hamid karzai. sign the troop deal or we are out. i am ray suarez. >> that's the insi"inside story" >> america's longest war is almost over, but the transition to the next phase in the u.s.-afghanistan relationship involves a difficult diplomatic dance. the united states negotiated a deal called "the bilateral security accord" which would keep most troops in the country when nato's 75,000 leave next year. the deal hit a signnag. afghan president karzai presented a new last-minute set of demands. on this edition of "insi
. it is really quite a mess. use a little bit extra time. >> . >> pittsburgh's thanksgiving snowstorm with plows, shovel, and a sense of humor. >> it is fun. >> it is fun. >> yes, it is fun. it is christmas weather. >> the storm that pummeled the mid section barrels east today, coating highways with a mix of sleet, and slushy snow. in washington icy roads snarled morning traffic. >> the road crews on 12 hour shifts to keep highways clear. >> the week of thanksgiving is traditionally one of the busiest travel periods of the year. the aaa estimated 38 million americans will hit the highway this week. the national weather service thinks the brunt will be over by wednesday night, or early thursday morning and that can help some dinner guests reach their destinations on time. >> i have a lot of people coming in from columbus, and al tuna pa, so they will be driving but they aren't driving until thursday. the pennsylvania department of transportation and he said you know despite the slushy weather we have. on the highways here in pennsylvania, dale? >> dianne joining us live from pittsburgh, thank you
drivers to drive cautiously and pedestrians when you're crossing the street to use caution. >> three deadly accidents involving people crossing the street in just two days. last night, a woman was killed crossing near monterey road and san jose avenue, when police say she was hit by a vehicle. the driver who hit her stayed and cooperated with investigators. >> the pedestrian appeared to be transient and was crossing the road in between the intersections. the driver of the vehicle did say she was wearing all dark clothing which made it very difficult to see her crossing the street. >> reporter: sunday night, a 15- year-old girl was killed near highland and white road after she was hit by a vehicle. san jose police say in both cases, the two victims were crossing the street, where they weren't supposed to. >> but that wasn't the case for little elijah. >> the little kid just died on the side of the road just crossing the street. it is wrong. >> reporter: the 3-year-old was in a stroller and in a cross walk. when he and two others were hit near washington elementary school. the little b
is the computer doing >> and pope. >> we begin with an historic accord with iran. is it a good deal? the u.s. says it's a first step to kur - to curtail iran's nuclear program. within hours of the deal the parties contradicted each other on a clean issue. >> there is no right to enrich. everywhere in the agreement it states they can only do that by mutural agreement and nothing is agreed on until everything is agreed on. >> >> translation: it has been written clearly in the text of this agreement that iran will continue its enrichment and, therefore, i announce to the people of iran enrichment will before. >> joining me to make sense of the agreement are ambassador thomas pickering former u.s. ambassador to russia and israel and j matthew mcinnize a resident fellow from an american enterprise institute. they are both here. there's clear disagreement. us-u.n. resolution said enrichment was illegal bay iran. what is going on with this total contradiction between hassan rouhani and kerry? >> let me explain. kerry rightly says there's no right to enrich. it's not written in the agreement. the p
the use of virtual currencies. then, a look at the process that granting security clearances for federal workers and contractors. and live at noon eastern, a heritage foundation panel on the deal struck in geneva, switzerland, on iran's nuclear program. >> today the heritage foundation examines the deal reached this it's weekend in geneva, switzerland, on iran's nuclear weapons program. watch the event live starting at noon eastern here on c-span2. also here on c-span2, a look at u.s./canada military relations. we'll be live at 1:30u p.m. eastern. >> the senate homeland security committee last week examined the government's ability to regulate digital currencies like bitcoin. this hearing is two and a half hours. [inaudible conversations] >> well, good afternoon, everyone. thank you for joining us. we especially want to thank our witnesses, panel number one, and somewhere out in the audience, panel number two. lost your id card, go around and pick it up, please, and put it where it belongs. that way we'll know who you are, and you will too. senator rockefeller, who i succeeded here in th
didn't sanction the use of force to break up the occupation of government buildings. thailand's been plunged into deep if that is done separately since the ousting of taxing than a minute to seek new in two thousand and six. he was later convicted of corruption and lives in self imposed today to see enormous influence over his sister's government. the white house says afghanistan's president of the con side has proposed new conditions and indicates he's not ready to sign a bilateral security deal promptly. the declaration follows his meeting with u s national security adviser susan rice in trouble. cause i told bryce rental afghan homes that have deceased and the us would have to demonstrate its commitment to peace before he resigned to getting the spoon the rice was cooked it saying that the pope said mitcham and the us would stop coming for a total collapse in twenty fourteen and leave afghanistan much is left iraq with no human soul mate under the tree presents. last week and somalia juggle national afghan governing and goals to continue to escalate the engagement and its on site
on japan. japanese officials plan to work with their counterparts of the us and other countries to have the chinese retract the measures. white house spokesperson josh earnest said disputes in the region should be resolved diplomatically. a pentagon spokesperson says us forces will not champ change how they conduct their operations colonel steve warren says us pilots will register their flight plans or identify themselves. the chief of japan's maritime self defense force says sts aircraft crews are responding coleen safely to china's creation of the arizona for the east china sea the chief of staff cuts though she counted told reporters that the maritime self defense force's watching design. the book anything in which china's declaration of an air defense identification zone and restrictions on flights that could lead to a contingency. it's a dangerous situation. on a ladder that under the circumstances it's important to show the strong alliance between the us and japan. japanese government officials are telling their civilian pilots the same thing they say airlines don't need to regist
avenue. the marine band was just passing this horrifying sight for all of us, swinging down pennsylvania avenue, the west point cadets in the contingent from annapolis and the air force academy and the coast guard. escorting their late commander and it is hard to realize that on this marvelously clear and beautiful, understandably beautiful day, this is what we are all coming to washington to witness. the crowd that has gathered is not a large one. it is one deep in most places because most of the crowd will be along the large march later. beyond the white house to which the procession is now going. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> passing sixth street and pennsylvania avenue ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ we are at the junction of independence avenue and pennsylvania avenue. and they will shortly make this turn into pennsylvania avenue. for the long broad approach to the white house. from there to the white house. now the first cause to make the turn. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> how the cars are approaching the junction of constitution and pennsylvania avenue, constitution avenue is t
a short time ago. ktvu's alex savidge was there and joins us live with what led deputies to the suspects and what the victims' family said today at the announcement. good afternoon, alex. >> reporter: well, good afternoon. the victims' family has waited a lon time for this. they tell me they never gave up hope. it's been more than two decades in this case. it's been a lot of frustration, a lot of despair for this family but they are glad with the work that the cold case detectives have put in, in this case and finally, they say, the man accused of killing their beloved father, the two people accused of killing their beloved father, both behind bars. >> we're pretty overwhelmed at the moment. very surreal. not like something can tell you what to expect when this happens. we waited a long, long time. >> reporter: that's tammy borha. she's the victim's father. he was found dead in the east bay hills back in 1990. the homicide was originally investigated by the east bay regional parks police. investigators at the time zeroed in on the victim's ex- wife, sheryl ann dras, and her lover, willia
says he will not sign a security pact with the u.s. until new conditions are met. he met with the security advisor susan rice in kabul. she urged him to sign a deal allowing the u.s. to remain in afghanistan in 2024. "consider this" is next. and i'll be back later. you can get the latest on aljazeera.com. america's deal with iran gets a mixed review, along with mixed messages from the obama administration and the iranian president. with the two countries not on the same page, what is a deal >> a supreme court decision could mean changes for obamacare. >> last time we saw watson it cleaned up on "jeopardy", what is the computer doing >> and vladimir putin and the pope. >> we begin with an historic accord with iran. is it a good deal? the u.s. says it's a first step to kur -- to curtail iran's nuclear program. within hours of the deal the parties contradicted each other on a clean issue. >> there is no right to enrich. everywhere in the agreement it states they can only do that by mutural agreement and nothing is agreed on until everything is agreed on. >> >> translation:
. >> millions of thanksgiving travellers may face delays. severe weather across parts of the u.s. will affect holiday travel for more than 43 million people. the system carrying rain, snow and sleet. hundreds of flights have been cancelled. >> a conference to lay out a roadmap is scheduled for january 27th. it's not clear whether the syrian government or opposition will attend. the syrian national coalition has dropped conditions that bashar al-assad has stepped down. the sides are far apart. >> afghan president hamid karzai will not sign a security pact with the u.s. until new conditions are met. hamid karzai met on monday with national security advisor susan rice. without an agreement that lays out conditions governing troops all troops might be withdrawn. details are revealed about the sandy hook school shooting. the report concludes lans adam lanza was obsessed with violence and video games. those are the headlines. america's deal with iran gets a mixed review, along with mixed messages from the obama administration and the iranian president. with the two countries not on the same page,
is using airport kioskss, assessing a gms, using teleconferencing facilities obtaining multimedia digital content through their computer or cellphone any time any place of standard harmonization is absolutely vital to the u.s. and u.s.-based companies and we can see three reasons it can help. first, it embraces inclusion in a d a. and u.s. access ability standards so for the u.s. companies it is important to implement. these harmonize standards for investment in accessible technology and help us achieve positive return on investment. finally, it helps the u.s. ability to continue to lead innovation more wide as crpd country's interest the accessibility leadership and our ability to influence them is diminishing. onto the policy benefits it is no exaggeration to say that in many cases policies make markets. the u.s. section 508 is a great example. prior to the enactment of the federal procurement policy the accessibility marketplace was not an investment priority but section 508, the buying power of the u.s. government have transformed the marketplace and played a major role in def
of supervisors, all of us wondered why we hadn't done anything there and the mayor thought the same. >> if an earthquake happened, the building was uninhabitable. it sat there vacant for quite a while. the city decided to buy the building in 1999 for $2. we worked and looked at ways that we can utilize the building for an office building. to build an icon i can building that will house a lot of city departments. >> the san francisco public utilities commission has an important job. we provide clean, pristine public drinking water to 2.6 million people in the san francisco bay area from the hetch hetchy regional water system. with also generate clean renewable energy for city services like public buses, hospitals, schools, and much more. and finally, we collect and treat all the city's wastewater and stormwater making it safe enough to discharge into the san francisco bay and pacific ocean. >> in 2006 the puc was planning a record number of projects. >> the public utilities commission is a very infrastructure-rich organization. we're out there rebuilding the water system. we've budge
depictions we didn't want to future confuse issues but it would behopeful us to step back and found a way to streamline all the dings to take care of all our seniors. we want to include that language referencing administrator code 37.9 i >> i'll take that as a motion can we take those without objection? . >> and just the last thing i want to say hopefully we'll move this out of committee. i want to thank the leadership all of you who have worked with us our this year tablet leadership has worked with my colleagues in making sure we have 10 protections and worked on legislation to streamline work board legislation to make sure there are more monies for pro-bone services. we need to do more. i want to thank all my colleagues. many of us continue to look at another issues to address the changes our city is fatiguing right now. so those of you who have been put in impossible situations we'll hopefully pass to legislation out of this legislation today but the fight will continue >> thank you. okay. colleagues is there any additional - any comments or questions. so, now we've adapted 3 diffe
hirsch man. >> you can black as out of the press, blog and arrest us, tear gas, mace, and shoot us, as we know very well, you will, but this time we're not turning back. we know you are finished. desperate, near the end. hysterical in your flabbergastlyness. amen. >> after the readings, the crowd headed to a reception upstairs by wandering through the other gallery rooms in the historic home. the third floor is not usually reserved for just parties, however. it is the stage for live performances. ♪ under the guidance of musical curators, these three, meridian has maintained a strong commitment to new music, compositions that are innovative, experimental, and sometimes challenging. sound art is an artistic and event that usually receives short shrift from most galleries because san francisco is musicians have responded by showing strong support for the programming. ♪ looking into meridian's future, she says she wants to keep doing the same thing that she has been doing since 1989. to enlighten and disturbed. >> i really believe that all the arts have a serious function and that it help
will curtail it's uranium enrichment program. in exchange the u.s. will release $7 billion worth of frozen assets. secretary kerry said any deal is fragile, and iran must keep up its end of the bargain. >> this is not going to change overnight. we have a long building process to engage in here. we need to put to test iran's words and intentions without any cobwebs, without any false assumptions, without any illusions. this is a hard road. >> reporter: top temperature low mats flew to geneva to say what appear to be stalled talks. the p 5 plus one. that's six world powers including the united states, france, britain, germany, china and russia agree that iran will temporarily leave uranium enrichment to above 5%, permit daily monitoring by international inspectors, halt construction of the iraq heavy water reactor. iran's new president a hassan rouhani, welcome the agreement and say he saw it as an affirmation as the country's right to enrich uranium. >> iran will continue it's enrichment. therefore i announce to the people of iran that enrichment will continue in the same way as bef
. >>> and the controversial cia program exposed. a program turning guantanamo bay inmates into double agents for the us. >>> that winter storm that dumped snow across the west and midwest now moving east and could effect your holiday travel plans. dave warren has more on the storm's track. robert ray is in atlanta with the impact on the airports, but we're going to begin with diane in pittsburgh with a look at how the storm is effecting the roads. and diane, based on what i'm seeing, those roads are slick. >> yeah, snow continues to come down. it has been coming down for hours now. there is probably between two and three inches of snow on the ground here. we were talking about people earlier, and they were not plussed by all of in. in 1950 the pittsburgh area saw 2.5 feet of snow. it is predicted this area will get about a foot of snow. it should be over by tomorrow night. at least that's what everybody is hoping. including this woman. >> i have a lot of people coming in from columbus, but they are not driving until thursday, and i think the weather will be fine then. >> reporter: now the pennsylva
refuse to cover contraceptives? the supreme court will decide. the syrian dictator is accused of using ai÷ó new weapon against civilians-- starvation. clarissa ward reports many of the victims are whic children. and seth doane goes undercover to expose chinese counterfeiters specializing in art. >> no artist wants to find that someone has taken their stuff and is passing it off as their own. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. on the eve of the thanksgiving holiday getaway, there is trouble for travelers. a storm system that began in the west last week is now heading into the northeast with rain, wind, snow, and ice. 1300 flights have been canceled since the weekend. this is a live look at airports in new york, cleveland, and nashville, where some folks are looking to make an early escape. this satellite view will will give you an idea of just how big this storm is. as you can see, it covers much of the country. it's already blamed for at least 11 deaths. we have three reports tonight with more than three million people
started to claim as its own, in other words, potential conflict between the u.s. and china at a military level. this news comes just days after president obama got the iranians to the negotiating table over their nuclear program. it is a dangerous world out there. and i am glad tonight we have a president who knows how to use defense and diplomacy. in times like this we need a leader who can be tough without being a cowboy. >> he certainly has a chance to prove that. he has karzai and he have things developing with the iranians and the new challenge with the chinese which may be in fact the most dangerous of the three current activities of the and that doesn't count iraq, syria, libya, you name it. >> i'm glad we've got a cool hand, no reckless cowboys. >> we're going to discuss how cool that hand is in a minute. in the crossfire tonight, peter bienert and bill crystal. this was a very significant development. and frankly raises some serious questions. the chinese, as you know, have been claiming more and more and more expansive position. we have a map that shows our viewer
because we live on a major fault so what does this mean for us? part of what it means is that potentially 25% of san francisco's building stock will be uninhibit tabl and people can't stay in their homes after an earthquake. they may have to go to shelters or leave entirely and we don't want that to happen. >> we want a building stock to encourage them to stay in the homes and encourage them to stay and not relocate to other locations and shelters. >> that's right so that means the housing needs to be safe enough to stay and we have been focused in trying to define what that means and you as a former building official knows better than anybody the code says if an earthquake happens it won't kill you but doesn't necessarily say that can you stay in your home and we set out to define what that might mean and you know because you built this house we're in now and this shows what it's like to be in a place safe enough to stay. it's not going to be perfect. there maybe cracks in the walls and not have gas or electricity within a while but can you essentially camp out within your unit. what'
their loved ones, jason carroll, cnn, new york. >>> and joining us now with the latest, nick valencia, at the dallas/ft. worth national airport, and chad myers, our meteorologist, chad, the storm is just getting started, what can we expect in the next couple of days? >> yeah, we're in a lull, as the storm spread over texas and new mexico, it kind of stalled over the gulf of mexico, running up the east coast. what we'll expect, wolf, if you're on this side of the storm which most people will be here, from new york down to d.c. and raleigh, all rain, below that, ice, the snow, the cold middle, warm. that is the issue, depending on where you're going, how far you're traveling. if you're driving a lot of these interstates will be the mess, as the lull comes out of the gulf, bringing rain and moisture with it. already it is cold in buffalo, pittsburgh, cleveland, down into columbus, ohio, and then the rain and cold will mix together with freezing rain sleet and on the back side, snow. i don't think snow will be the really big problem with this. sure, there could be some in spots like canto
because open data has helped us spark innovative and fuel further economic development, it has potential and we've seen the largest positive impacts happening at the city level. here at the local level, we have a unique opportunity to reevent and reimagine the opportunity we can have between our city residents and government, we've seen open data used in practice already and we can see how it can accomplish all of the positive benefits i mentioned, whether it's to help publish health scores on their website, helping residents making healthier choice, or make sf rec park to help people make picnic reservations or using your smart phone, all the examples i just mentioned are real examples of how open data can improve the lives of our city resident, further fuel economic growth here in san francisco. specifically, this ordinance will enumerate open data numerical standards, it creates a sense of accountability and certain for the public and entrepreneurial community, it creates city staff and agencies to interact with the public about relevant data set and is the priority of certain data se
the government steps down. prime minister yingluck shinawatra has used an emergency law to tighten security in bangkok. tens of thousands are taking part in the biggest show of anger since her brother thaksin shinawatra was toppled. not far away protesters had the government house office and finance ministerry. hundreds have been camped out. we are looking at others taking over the ministry of foreign affairs. despite this the government says it will not use force. here is one of those elections - the interior ministry. you see the number of people there. it's been growing - not all day, but since yesterday, since the interior ministry was targeted by the protesters. it is about three in the afternoon in bangkok. we'll check in with scott heidler - you are at the staging area where people, i guess, are assembling and heading to areas like the interior ministry. >> exactly, this is the staging area. the protesters come, get their orders and head into the city, going to a government compound. the numbers have been growing steadily since we've been here, about 90 minutes. we haven't got their
>> just one thing to say to you, and that's i'm not tiny. i'm 6'1". that's all for us tonight. i'm wolf blitzer in for anderson cooper. we begin with a wintry blast of weather right before thanksgiving. that if you're traveling over the next couple of days threatens to make it difficult. hundreds are stranded. the ripple effect is only just beginning. at street level the situation is not much better. sleet and freezing rain in the southern plains and rockies. in oklahoma city, an suv slides on the icy road and slips off the roadway. all caught on video. meanwhile, up to eight inches forecast for new mexico. heavy rain from texas to georgia, in a moment we'll get the latest on the flight situation and you will find out what to expect over the next few days. but it is not just inconvenience we're talking about. already there have been 12 deaths blamed on this storm. jason carroll reports. >> reporter: the killer storm started in california where it claimed its first life. it continued its delmar across the country. flooding in arizona. heavy snow in colorado. and in new mexico, win
in the pacific, the u.s. says its jets have defied a new air defense zone imposed by china. highlands prime minister, thousands storm government ministries and offices, plus. >> it's not coming back, the process must move forward. >> kenya vows to press on with plans to close the largest refugee camp. with the news from europe, including. >> with a guide to how scotland request be as ask independent state. >> and turning the pages of history. a rare symbol of the nation's identity is put up for auction in the u.s. for up to $30 million. >> within the past hour, the u.s. has revealed two of its military aircraft have thrown around disputed islands in the east china sea, it did so without informing beijing, and that's in defiance of an air defense zone, that beijing imposed. and the i.u. in china. live for us in washington, d.c., give us what details we know? what exactly did the aircraft do in the china self-declared air defense zone? >> what we know is that around midnight washington time, rather, 7:00 p.m. washington time, those two bombers entered this newly declared air defense identific
. they have both sides of this deal. they can denounce the deal the u.s. still has important military relationships with the state of israel that are effectively unperturbed by this that willugh continue, including undertakings and understandings about what the u.s. will do to protect our common security interest rates that might be threatened by iran that are unaffected by the israeli denunciation of the atlomacy that helps them home and hedges against things that might go wrong in that diplomacy. they noticed a lot of other people who were concerned about iran and making statements that say, "i do not trust iran" in effect. who does? the policies of this and the percentages in the different place. i have some empathy. say theywhen people support new sanctions, but the sanctions would be made conditional on waiting to see whether or not we failed to get a final deal and the sanctions might then be put on a suspense so they would go into effect after efforts to get a final deal. if you study what is involved, you will see how much iran's good faith will be tested by all of the activit
who possess that right, but they are using the right to religious liberty as a way to carve out noncompliance with civil rights that are well established under the constitution, or are well established as public norms against discrimination. >> today the white house release add statement saying the affordable care act already protects these believes. the administration does not think that corporate ceos should make health decisions for individuals. all right, a little bit more on that white house statement. let's do that right now. he is at the white house, and mike, the white house as randall noted is quick to put a statement out on this. >> sure, they point out they themselves asked the street to review the change to the law. of course the street announced they are going to do just that. let's do more from that statement. the healthcare law puts womens and families in control by covering vital preventive care, like cancer screenings and birth control free of charge. and then it goes on we believe this requirement is essential to women's health, and are confident the street wil
american trend. in the last decade the number of prisoners has grown an astonishing 75%. the u.s. took a tough on crime approach. and the older a prisoner is the bigger financial drain they pose. an older inmate play cost about $75,000 a year to lock up. two to three times more than younger inmates. older inmates suffer functional diseases, major diseases and mental illness. >> my world wears white in a day of black fleet. it holds bitter cold with its pal e purple teeth. wanting more more more. >> correctional center is oklahoma's largest women's prison. this state incarcerates more women, reading or writing poetry than they are but they're also convicted killers. >> smile with your broken teeth mourning in the morning to nothing but death, you bet we'll reap and it won'ting wedding white. >> i don't have a choice of what i eat. it would either kill or be killed. >> and now, a techknow minute... >> something is killing america's bee population. >> what happened to this bee? >> scientists aren't sure what but beekeepers are reporting dramatic declines of 65% this year. >> the losses a
and one of us can pull it off if we want and it is nothing to do with your power to do that. it is just the options that are available because i saw one man and i am not going to go into it because it was on last week. and among the options, it talked about that you would exercise that power, if, for example, it was being investigated as a criminal matter, the district attorney was looking into it as well. and so, does that strike a cord with you, as mr. st. croix in terms of, without going into any individual matter that is something and has been referred to us, and as an ethical matter, and it was also determined that it was being looked at criminally, and this district attorney or someone, asked us wait, don't get in our way, that it would then be part of your process of putting it on the consent calendar for dismissal. i saw one of those, and my thought was that it might be better idea in those situations if when they can come up in the future if they come up in the future, but rather than just dismissing it, that we have some provision where we could just defer it to some period of
will not be used for agriculture it could be transferred to commercial usage in the near future. if you're not a plan to meet diana properly hundred thirty two in the round twenty one trillion dollars. without the huge valuation of all the distribution of the comparable land is still under negotiation with the circle of local government. next up and out of the daily content that the government proves private capital to the hospital recently defected to the government to pocket to encourage private capital to invest in hospital. according to the new coffee you and use for building medical attention. the only be charged by thirty percent of the server to win prizes. can you call the office that the private office to provide at least fifty percent of the medical terms the total medical resources in the hospital. when the package that meant that engine to the governor will provide one hundred thousand men who run fifty thousand dollars apiece for the top of that. the newolicies in them just named on the medical resources to and private hospitals. to the airport in two thousand four hundred
right here on nbc. >> thanks for joining us. >> good night. a big storm barrelling across the country just as the thanksgiving travel rush gets underway. a nightmare scenario for tens of millions on the move. >>> the investigation. nearly a year after the tragedy in newtown tonight, what authorities have uncovered about what happened inside that school. the police response, and the 20-year-old gunman. >>> what's the deal? the administration says it is a history-making agreement with iran. the other side labels it an historic mistake, and the stakes are high. >>> and the salute from the son of a fallen president on his third birthday. it was 50 years ago today. tonight, what we have learned all these years later about that iconic moment. "nightly news" begins now. >>> good evening. well, as if on cue and just in time to disrupt the travel plans of millions of americans going home for thanksgiving, a sizable storm is gathering strength and moving through the north and east through the busiest airports and population centers in this country. that's why the east coast storm is
". >> this is "real money" you are the most important part of the show. join your live conversation on twitter using the handle@aj real money. >> a historic deal for iran could mean relief for americans filling up at the pump. the price prices have fallen slightly. despite the fact that know no additional iranian crude has hit the market as a result of the deal. iran's markets are the fifth in the world. any let up in the sanctions will boost supply and push prices lower in the coming months. iran's oil exports have fallen to a half to just a million barrels aday since the sanctions took a bite in early 2012. that is when the u.s. put in restrictions on payments that made it hard for iran to sell it's oil. despite the sanctions iran kept pumping oil and it's stored around the world it's oil that no one will purchase at the moment. if all goes well with ey iran wh the negotiations with the u.s. an others sanctions could be reduced if that happens a lot of oil will come on line. the question for americans is how does this affect the price they pay for gasoline . the national average is up seven cents
used to communicate with each other. that was an important insight, and is one thing that we have to make sure we do not rely on english to out there to interpret what is going on because that is not where the action is. it is in the vernacular and it is important to be there. i wanted to talk about security, which i did in here. in afghanistan or around pakistan, and libya and yemen, security is a huge concern for us. in other places while we have these embassies that are much more secure, real public diplomacy takes place outside and disease. i argue people we want to reach do not come into our facilities. that is where the value is, going into their institutions and meeting them out there. i quoted thomas friedman who came to turkey after the bombings in turkey and he looks at our new consulate, and remarked how this was a bad message. it can be or it is a difficult message out become it can become, but as public diplomacy officers, you get out of that environment. that is vital. that is why that is not such a key stumbling lock. it is very important to see these other places -
allows us to use is to either go out to the field with a device and measure the reflectivity of each sign which is labor intensive and not practical and you look at data as a proxy to see what we are using the age to sign as a proxy for the need for replacing the sign due to re flectivity. within the next week, we'll have the data converted. then from that point on, we'll be able to start using the data base to guide us towards reevaluating the signs. there is no risk of danger of massive collapse from the city from our vendor. the signs have a 12-year warrant and i emphasize they have a good state. >> that's good, because you heard from item no. 1. we have a lot of work to do. we could afford to lose any funding. thank you mr. yee. >> the next audit is for the adult probation department which has 21 recommendations. 30 are closed. we still have one open. one of the reasons we revisited this audit because because they had very serious findings. probation officers had excessive case loads. some probationers were receiving low levels and appropriately supervised probationers were week. as a
to do and how it's going to affect us here. we've got to remember that so many passengers, tens and thousands of connect through o'hare. whatever happens through the country ripples through this airport. we have 3 million people traveling across the nation and the busiest days of travel are going to be tomorrow and sunday. you're going to want to leave a little extra time if you're traveling on those days. it's probably a good idea if you're not traveling, leave a few extra minutes in your schedule. >> we will keep that in mind. thank you so much for that. we'll also keep watching the system as people start their thanksgiving travel. see you soon. cycling now, the crowd is ready for president obama at dreamworks animation in glendale, california. company's owned by one of the top fundraisers but industry has created 4100 jobs in the past month alone. nbc's peter alexander is traveling with the president. this is being billed as an economic speech. do you think he'll probably touch on immigration as well? >> reporter: yeah, he has touched on immigration as he did yesterday in san
failed to build record highs on u.s. markets while ecb board members tell cnbc the ecb has options left to spur a recovery. >> negative deposit rate is a possibility. we have been clear already for months ago that some has been discussed technically investigated, legally investigated. now, that said, that's only one instrument in the tool belt. >> the protests in bangkok gathered steam as demonstrators defined new security laws and surround key government limits in a bid to top trillion government. >>> a boost for investors, the spanish oilmaker strikes a deal with argentina over a price for the stake in ybs in 2012. >>> and shipping into gear, crisis as it intend toss lift shares on the new york stock exchanges. the automaker's ipo plans will likely be delayed until sometime next year. >> announcer: you're watching "worldwide exchange" bringing you business news from around the globe. >> announcer: you're watching >>> hello "worldwide exchange" bringing on today's show, we're joined sclus you business news from around ively by the the globe. >> announcer: you're watching "worldwide exc
>> live coverage coming up on c- span networks include earlier this afternoon discussion on u.s. foreign policy challenges in the second obama administration. ambassador dennis ross among the speakers live at 12:15 p.m. eastern. president obama continues his travels. he is speaking today in california at the dreamworks studio. you can watch his remarks live .hat 3:15 politico reports the white house is defending the president visit to dreamworks. it says the dreamworks animation ceo strong political support for president obama had "no bearing" on the white house decision to schedule a presidential visit. raiseortatzenberg millions as a bum for the president in 2012 and gave $3 million to the pro-obama superpac. we will have that live for you on c-span. , they recently announced nuclear deal with iran, hosted by the heritage foundation. canadan event on u.s.- cooperation, and that begins at 1:30 p.m. eastern. were --the 60s were different. [laughter] there were a lot of things happening involving race, the breakdown in the structure of society. i was suddenly out of the seminary
for several deaths in the u.s. rolled up the eastern seaboard today, threatening to snarl thanksgiving travel. good evening. i'm gwen ifill. >> woodruff: and i'm judy woodruff. also ahead this tuesday, the bloody civil war in syria. the main rebel group announced it will skip upcoming peace talks and vowed to keep up the battle against president bashar al-assad's forces. >> ifill: and our thanksgiving week series on food continues with a profile of award-winning cookbook writer paula wolfert, now caught between her love of food and her battle with alzheimer's. >> i can't remember what i read i know what the dish is supposed to taste like, i just don't remember the amounts. i can't... i can't remember. >> ifill: those are just some of the stories we're covering on tonight's pbs newshour. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: ♪ ♪ moving our economy for 160 years. bnsf, the engine that connects us. >> and the william and flora hewlett foundation, working to solve social and environmental problems at home and around the world. >> and with the ongoing support of these in
says he used his mobile phone here to order a ride on uber. but he says the driver assaulted him during an argument. a police report has been filed. but now the question is who is responsible for the driver's behavior? >> as he swatted the phone he hit me on the arm. >> reporter: james says that a ride home with an uber driver got physical. the mobile app told him to expect a silver prius. when a blue prius showed up and the driver knew his name, james got in. he claims that the driver directed racist and homophobic slurs at him. he took this video. >> why don't you get in my face like before. >> reporter: police made no arrests. uber refunded his $14 fare but he says the company is not taking responsibility for the driver's behavior. uber says that authorities responded to the incident determined no action was necessary. but we suspended the account of the involved parties until further notice. >> i was bothered by the word "temporarily" because of what happened. not just because i suspect it had been shared with someone else but because of what transfired. >> reporter: uber says that
shared his vision in this land and abroad, he had said two months ago to the united nations, let us complete what we have started for as the scripttures tell us, no man who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom of god. at this time of sorrow and burden, he would have us remember the passages from joshua and isaiah, he had used in accepting the presidential nomination. be strong and of good courage. be not afraid neither be thou dismayed. shall renew their strength. they shall point with wings of eagle and run and not be weary. finally, in his last hours, president kennedy had prepared these words for dallas and for the nation, the rich -- righteous of our clause must always underlie our strength. for as was written long ago, accept the lord, guard the city, the guard watches in vain. the following is one of his favorite passages from scripture from the book of aclose -- the third chapter. there's an appointed time for everything, and a time for every affair under the heaives. d "issue" heavens. a time to be born, and a time to die, a time to plant and a tim
of all abilities so it's something we use daily whether we know it or not whether we're checking a text message on our phones or looking at a map with gpa these can all help us in our daily lives. real quick i thought i'd put up some examples. so we have in the top left corner clip art i love clip art, of a woman who's using a wheelchair that has an adaptable ramp mechanic al ramp that folds out and this ramp can also as the driver herself so she can drive the car herself and be allowed greater independence in her community. i have an ipad to kind of showcase what it means whether when you have technology that's becoming more interactive such as tablets real quick i'm going to go ahead and put on one app today from an ipad -- thank you so much so we have here an application called proloquo to go thank you again to the asl interpreters to help me out i'm speaking fast i'll try to slow down. so basically we have a communication board that's been is shown here kind of virtual ly which allows a person with a cognitive ability the independence to communicate their needs better and this on
there is slight progress, but obviously stuff like this shows us we still have work to do. >> the victims are in their 20s and 30s. we just learned two are in critical condition. the rest should be okay. so what's behind all of this? police don't know or won't say. the gunman is on the loose. >>> also tonight, andrea talked to a u.s. marine who used himself as a human shield to save a woman at the raiders game, andria. >> well, ken, it all happened just after the raiders game ended. a man stepped in her way to break her fall on to the concrete. the on field drama sunday pailed in comparison to what happened minutes it have a raiders/titans game. a woman threatening to jump. >> i even yelled up there not to do it. >> then in the split second it takes to make a decision, she jumped and fell 50 feet. 61-year-old vietnam vet donny navidad of stockton tried to catch her and stop her from plum etting to certain death. sgli eem concerned with her. like i said, she's a young lady that's still got a whole lot of life left in her. >> but the force of the petite victim falling simply too much. >> wh
difficult time. everything's different now. sometimes i feel all alone. christmas used to be my favorite. i just don't expect anything. what if santa can't find me? to help, sleep train is holding a secret santa toy drive. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help keep the spirit of the holidays alive. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child. started shooting. seve were shot. thfrnlts kpix news. >> tonight this bay area woman was saved by a hair when someone started shooting. >> seven men were shot. the gunmen sprayed bullets all over at about 6:00 tonight. the one woman was just about to go into a store and dove to the ground. listen to how close a bullet came to her head. >> tried to run back in the store. when they did that, i heard the gunshot, and i hit the ground. a bullet went straight through my ponytail. >> right through your hair? >> yeah. >> shootings are significantly down this year. murders are significantly down this year so there is slight progress, but obviously stuff like this shows us we still have work to do. >> the victims are in their
laws. and what i'm proposing is harder path. which is use our democratic processes to achieve the goal you want to achieve. >> you can see the president received cheers for the way he handled the heckler. who is this young man? for that part of the story let's go to vic lee live at the betty ng community center. quite a moment. >> reporter: well, dan, there are a half dozen protestors standing with the heckler behind the president of the. he was speaking and they call themselves dreamers they're supporters of the dream act. that is a bill that was first proposed about a dozen years ago which gives conditional residency to certain immigrants if they fulfilled certain requirements like schooling. >> i need your help. >> the heckler is a student at san francisco state and an undocumented immigrant from south korea. he became disappointed when the president failed to mention anything about the plight of illegal immigrants. >> 1.8 million undocument immigrant family members are, have deported and 1,000 are facing deportation every day. >> he feels it's an urgent issue. and the pre
this in the stores in the u.s., but to figure out the systems, and build up new spots in other countries is the plan going forward. >> is he at all tainted by that mexican bribery scandal that broke about a year or so ago? and how big a problem is that for him and for walmart? >> so i can't see any real reason why he would be tainted by that. he was running sam's club at that point in time in the u.s. and anybody looking at that couldn't say he had any real knowledge. as for the overall effect, it could be a hurdle where bribery is seen as a way of not doing business. but there are many companies around the world where this is not a surprise to see it coming to light. and while there are big questions and certainly potentially monetary finds, it would be something that walmart could handle going forward. >> and what about competition? this retail industry is so competitive. there are a lot of newcomers coming in like the amazons of the world, big companies trying things. and then you have the discounters and all of that. who do you see as walmart's biggest competition? and what do they have to do to
justice would advocate for an increased use or implementation of pretrial services at the local level and some on this panel will speak with more detail on that. >> let me ask miss dewint that you are obviously part of the bail association and the president of the organization, you have decades of experience. critics have argued that your association and other associations like it use their influence by way of lobbying to protect the groups financial interest. i'm wondering if you can respond to that and perhaps give us an idea what kind of lobbying your organization does? >> thank you. first of all let me thank jeff and the san francisco public defenders office for this 10th year of the justice submit summit. thank you and i don't have a prepared speech. i do want to address some of these misconceptions. there is a bail reform and we are part of the reform. we are proud to say that we are part of our regulatory agency with the department of insurance to reestablish the industry. but alongside of that we are not a one size fits all industry. there is a place for the criminal justice
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